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Vacature omschrijving - Research Engineer Polymer and Composite Processing

Woensdag 11 september 2019

Research Engineer Polymer and Composite Processing

Brightlands Materials Center (BMC) in Geleen, a cooperation of the Province of Limburg and TNO established in March 2015, performs programmatic industrial application driven research in the field of polymeric materials that will provide solutions for the societal challenges of tomorrow. It’s meeting place is the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, with a global network of leading companies along the value chain and renowned universities and institutes. See also
The research laboratory facilities at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen are strongly growing, as well as the group of involved researchers that work together with a variety of industrial partners and actors from research organizations and universities. The work is typically contained in multi-year and multi-client research and technological development projects, including those within the context of the European Framework Programs.
The TNO Materials Solutions department is the linking pin between Brightlands Materials Center and the TNO organization, and employs the majority of the professional research staff.
Within the context of the BMC programs, currently there is an opening in the field of thermoplastic polymer and composite materials processing. For this vacancy, the working location will be Brightlands Materials Center (BMC) at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen.

Job description:
As research engineer polymer and composite processing, you are working on the processing of and process development for polymers and thermoplastic composite materials, both as samples and demonstrator parts made from these materials. Within the BMC Lightweight Automotive program, your focus will be on thermoplastic composites and hybrid plastic-composite and metal-composite material combinations.
You will be responsible for the coordination and execution of process trials, the interpretation of the trial results and support the development of improved processes related to these materials. You will contribute to the development of new technologies to come to innovative material and processing solutions in sample and demonstrator parts.
The focus will be on processes such as thermoforming combined with injection over-molding, compression molding and extrusion, but other processes related to thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites and interaction with testing and testing activities will also be part of the job.

The developed solutions have to meet the needs of the customers of Brightlands Materials Center, being the major players in the plastics value chain. You are part of the Lightweight Automotive program team and co-responsible for the results of the team. As you work for a research and innovation center, your work will not be standard, but explorative, always looking for new solutions.


You combine an open and creative mind with good practical skills. You have curiosity in finding out how "things work" and you tend to often ask the question “Why?”. You are a pragmatic person who likes to implement gained knowledge into real solutions. You are open to bring expertise in from different disciplines in order to solve problems. You are a strong team player, but if needed you are also able to work on your own.

You have
•At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Materials or Polymer Science, or related field of study
•A track record (> 3 years) in the thermoplastic processing industry
•Experience with injection over-molding is an advantage
•Background and experience in plastics testing is an advantage
•Knowledge and experience with thermoplastic polymer processing
•Good problem solving, communication and technical documentation skills.
•Strong interpersonal skills & ability to work effectively as a member of an international team


Typical work activities are:
•Processing and analysis of produced materials and parts
•Interpretation of results to draw conclusions on the used methods and materials
•Support in process method development for new polymers and thermoplastic composites
•Support in experimental process validation related to process and structural modelling
•Optimize processing technologies to come to high quality material evaluations
•Reporting of research results in form of presentations or written project reports
•Proactively collaborating with other members of the project team to realize the targeted project results
•Providing guidance to students in the lab in collaboration with scientists

You’ll be responsible for:
•Supporting the realization of processing facilities of the program;
•Execution of plastic and composite processing activities;
•Proposing alternative or optimized processing solutions to meet customer needs;
•Communication with colleagues on progress and project results

Referentie nummer:IGB355373609
Locatie:Geleen, Limburg
Contact:Peter Groeneveld, Contact code: 9072038, Yacht, Nederland